Our story

We are a pair of oceanographers who have been sailing through life together since the fun days of university. Graduated from the Odessa Ecological University (Ukraine, USSR) with a degree in Oceanology we got married and settled in the Crimea, Sevastopol, where studied physics and chemistry of the sea: Igor in the Marine Hydrophysical Institute, Iryna – in the Institute of Biology of Southern Seas. At the turn of the century, we decided to completely change our lives and moved to Canada. We were lucky to find a job in a private company under the leadership of a bright mind who later became our friend and soulmate. RBR Ltd was designing and manufacturing oceanographic instruments.

It happens that our interests and views on things completely coincide (no matter how different our characters are!) We work together, play sports, climb mountains, listen to music, watch movies, and even completed courses on making stained glass together, because we both love glass. We make stained glass gifts to our friends – together (because we also have the same friends!). But our main shared and abiding love is traveling around the Earth and surfing the planet Ocean.

20 years have passed since we moved to Canada, and we realized that life has a limit, and not everything that was dreamed of has been done. We decided to change our life again and, having parted with the comfort of home, sail the Seven Seas. The question was how to quit a favorite job, and be in demand, while remaining free. The answer came quickly: SAIL FOR SCIENCE!