After sailing for the rest of the day, we reached Cap a l’Original, which is part of the BIC National Park. In the beautiful Original Cove, we anchored when it was sunset time. The next morning we launched the dinghy and set out to explore the park – it was our first outing on a motorized dinghy and it performed great even in raff waters. BIC National Park is one of the natural heritage sites of Quebec and we appreciated its beauty, walking well along the shore.

Passing a lighthouse
Sunset with Cap a l’Original
Riding our 5hp dinghy
Grey seals sunbathing on a rock
Nice anchorage!
Low tide pass to the island
Seagull’s takeoff
Beautiful rocks
American Redstart
Wild Rapsberry
Mushrooms’ circle
Pass to the Cap a l’Original
Stop to smell wild roses
Original Me and Cap a l’Original
Rock formations
The trail along the rocky shoreline
Bay Ha!Ha!
Green pails invited to collect garbage on a shore
Wild Roses and Oceanolog
We and Oceanology
Coming back
CTD cast in the Anse L’Original at low tide
CTD cast in the Anse L’Original at high tide

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