Fishermen’s Luck and Some Other Uncertain Things

Taking the opportunity, I will tell (and show more) the working days of fishermen in Claridorme. Fortunately, we are docking next to the fishing pier and every day we watch how fishing boats are loaded and unloaded, crews gather before going to sea and relatives meet arriving ships. So, in a daily rhythm, interrupted only by storms, the life of fishermen flows, illuminated by the star of good luck. But there are other fishermen who visit our dock to cast a line and wait for their own fisherman’s luck – caught mackerel is accompanied by cheers. It can be both men and couples, children and the elderly – they are all attracted by the call of good luck. I am no exception, even more so, having the privilege of living on this dock, but this does not give me any more chances for good luck – I have not caught a single mackerel yet!:)

Arriving a fishing vessel
Unloading area
Catch control by a Fishing officer
Unloading the catch
Stocking with ice
Selection of red snapper
Red snapper
Managing of fishing lure
Hooks and lines
SV “Oceanolog” in the fishing harbour
Dragging net
Unloading of sea cucumbers catch
Weighting of catch
Cloridorme Sea cucumbers – delicates, exported to China
Long day in the harbour
Family fishing day

Unlucky fisherman:)