Los Haitises National Park (part 1)

Covering a sprawling 1,600 km², Los Haitises National Park is a crown jewel of the Dominican Republic’s national parks. “Los Haitises” translates to “hilly land” in the Taino language, and this stunning park truly lives up to its name. Visitors flock here by boat to marvel at the impressive 30-meter (98-foot) high rock formations that rise dramatically from the water.

But that’s just the beginning! The park boasts extensive mangroves lining its bay, dotted with cayes home to bustling bird colonies. Adventure seekers can also explore a series of caves adorned with an impressive collection of petroglyphs and pictographs—the highest concentration in the country. Bird watchers, get your binoculars ready! You’ll easily spot the endangered Ridgway’s Hawk, the Hispaniolan Piculet, the Hispaniolan Woodpecker, and the Hispaniolan Emerald, along with pelicans, frigate birds, herons, and many more majestic birds soaring across the park’s vast landscape.

As if that weren’t enough, Los Haitises also nurtures one of the DR’s few remaining rainforests, a lush paradise that was once a filming location for the iconic movie Jurassic Park. This park is a living, breathing postcard of natural wonders, offering a breathtaking escape into the heart of the Dominican Republic’s wild beauty.
We can’t miss the opportunity to visit it!

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