Meeting with French Oceanographers

Stopping in St. Michael brought not only the opportunity to meet Michel but also meet French oceanographers and sailors, Thomas and Lou, who temporarily live and work in Canada. They helped us with French translation and docking during our arrival at the marina, and also provided valuable tools for splicing the ropes – thanks, guys! We talked about our project and I showed them our CTD measuring system. They expressed a significant interest in our project, we discussed the details of data collection, possible problems and their resolving solutions. I was surprised that they are familiar with Microsalinometer, which they used to operate onboard CCGS Amundsen. The guys built a wooden 26′ sailboat for themselves and they eventually sail out into the ocean, and I hope that our idea of collecting oceanographic data will open up new horizons for them.

Welcome aboard, Thomas and Lou!
Discussion in the main cabin
Have a great sailing on your lovely boat!

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