Misty Ingonish

Docking in Ingonish Harbour brought us the discovery that we were in a wonderful place – next to our dock is the Cape Breton Highlands National Park with 26 trails! Despite the rainy and foggy weather, we decided to stay here longer and explore the surrounding areas. In addition, Hurricane Lee heading towards Southern Nova Scotia required us to change our plans with our arrival in Halifax and stay longer in Cape Breton. Well, our folding bicycles again were in use in our movement on land, together with hiking. Unfortunately, the photos are not of very good quality due to the constant formation of drops on the lens, but I think that they were able to convey the atmosphere of our stay on the Cabot Trail.

Morning fog in the Ingonish Harbor
CTD cast in the Ingonish Harbor
A plot of CTD cast data – a well-stratified temperature and salinity caused by the nearby inflowing river, which is also the source of increased near-surface Chl a (up to 40ug/L and fDOM (up to 20ppb) concentrations. Oxygen saturation level is good (85-95)%.
Let’s bike!
Our boat in a fog
Making inukshuk on the Atlantic Ocean shore
Here we are!
Great boulders
Misty net
Walking on the Ingonish Beach between Freshwater Lake and the Atlantic Ocean
Freshwater Lake
Into the woods
Chanterelle mushrooms
Big wet boulders on the shore
Grey-white marble
An intertidal shore with the marble rocks
Lobster cage washed ashore during a storm
More marble rocks!
Metamorphism of marble formation
Red star on the boulder
Low tide shoreline with exposed seaweed
Another colorful bay
Aspens on the shore

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