• Welcoming Port Felix

    Port Felix had a few surprises for us. Our friend Ray, who had been our neighbour during the ‘Oceanolog’ wintering at Morrisburg Marina, had a brilliant suggestion for our stay in Port Felix. He recommended that we dock at a private wharf for free: the house of his sister Denise was there facing the peer. …

  • Canso in trouble

    As we navigated across Chedabucto Bay, we finally reached the ‘mainland’ of Nova Scotia and pulled into the bustling fishing wharf of Canso. As we explored the intricacies of this fishing port and meandered through the charming streets, we couldn’t help but notice an intriguing sight – posters plastered in the windows of many houses …

  • The gates to the Ocean

    Well, the time has come to leave such a different and such beautiful lake Bras d’Or – now our path lay through the St. Peter’s Canal, which we had already explored from land.