Farewell to Locks

On the third day of our motor-sailing St.Lawrence River we reached Montreal! 90miles of turbulent river, 7 locks, 3 drawbridge were passed. The last two locks of Seaway, Cote-St.Catherine and St.Lambert were passed just before approacing Montreal. There is smog in the Quebec, resulted by continious fires on the North. We docked in the Longueuil Marina, just across the river to the Port of Montreal.

Rainy and smokey start
Village on the canal
Passing the last drawbridge
Suncatcher with our logo makes a sun coming in our cockpit
Rain stopped, time to dry wings
Heavy traffic near Montreal
Iryna rules!
Following other sailors – a nice couple from Minnesota.
Passing St.Lambert Lock – the last one on Seaway
Smoggy Montreal
Frank steers the boat to the Montreal
Longueuil Marina

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