Today was A-day, Argo float deployment day! I reported earlier that we received an Argo float (WMO#4902609) in Halifax at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography with a task to launch it in the Caribbean Sea. This day has come – today we sailed to the Caribbean Sea with sufficient depths for the float to drift. This basin is located between Isla de Viques and Saint Croix Island with depths of down to 4.5 km and deep-water access to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It is noteworthy that, according to my research, there have been no Argo floats in this basin yet, so the data collected by “our” float will be unique.

During our journey, we got used to the float, almost as a member of our crew, and now parting with him was also somewhat emotional, but this is life – the time has come to go on a solo voyage and obtain data for science. Goodbye, our dear float, and safe travels!

Testing of the Argo float before deployment – everything works well!
Deployment of the Argo float from SV Oceanolog
The deployed Argo float is ready for descending.
Quiz – find a float!
Position of the Argo float deployment (red dot) with trajectories of other nearby floats – no tracks in the chosen basin.
CTD cast performed after Argo float deployment
CTD measuring system ready for downcast
Into the blue…
Plot of data for CTD cast