Acadia Mountain

The primary motivation behind our journey to Mount Desert Island was the irresistible pull of Acadia National Park. Fortuitously, the weather smiled upon us, and on the second day of our sojourn in Northeast Harbor, the promise of clear skies lured us once again to the mountains for a bird’s-eye view of the ocean and land.

This time, our compass pointed us toward Acadia Mountain, situated on the opposite side of Somes Fjord. The journey unfolded along a picturesque road, with the sea on one side and granite cliffs on the other. En route, we passed numerous opulent estates nestled in the woods, but it was the little village of Somesville that captured our hearts. As the oldest settlement on Mount Desert Island, it marked the initiation of European-style habitation when Abraham Somes arrived with his family in 1761, embarking on a new life.

The focal point of the village was a white, arched wooden footbridge that stole our attention. So captivating was the bridge that we momentarily missed the view on the opposite side of the road, revealing Somes Harbor with Cadillac Mountain as its majestic backdrop (a realization that dawned on us later). We immersed ourselves in the historical ambiance of this village, perusing educational boards and capturing the essence in photographs.

Our next destination was a parking lot where we securely stowed our bicycles, preparing to ascend the steep Acadia Trail. While not as challenging as the climb to Cadillac Mountain, the trail offered its own rewards in terms of breathtaking scenery. The view from the summit was nothing short of fantastic. With the tourist season waning, the trail boasted scarce foot traffic, and Acadia Peak belonged to us, accompanied only by a family of ravens gracefully navigating the clouds above.

The place of the first settlement on the Mount Desert Island
A dam and a fish ladder
A fish ladder
Brookside Cemetry
Leaving Northeast Harbour
CTD cast off Mount Desert Island
Plot of CTD cast data – well-mixed healthy waters

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