Dominica: Trafalgar Falls

The highlands of Dominica boast numerous cascading waterfalls, each unique and magnificent in its own right. However, Trafalgar Falls stands out as a truly special sight. This double waterfall is affectionately known as Dad and Mom. The larger of the two, “Dad,” plunges from a height of 40 meters, while “Mom” is a bit smaller but no less impressive.

Beneath the waterfalls, you’ll find a natural pool where the water is refreshingly cold. But here’s where Trafalgar Falls gets really interesting: beside the rock, there’s a hot sulfur spring. This means you can enjoy an ideal natural healing contrast bath, switching from cold to hot and back again. Where else in nature can you find something like this?!

The path from the observation deck to the base of Dad waterfall is barely discernible, which makes the journey to the pool an adventure that few undertake without a guide. Nevertheless, we were determined to get closer to the falls to fully appreciate the powerful cascade from below. In doing so, we accidentally stumbled upon the hot spring. What a delightful surprise!

Trafalgar Falls offered us not just a spectacular view, but an unforgettable experience of nature’s contrasting elements, leaving us both invigorated and in awe.

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