Hidden gem

We debated for quite a while about whether to make a 4-mile detour from our planned route, but the description of the marina, complete with hiking trails, tipped the scales in favour of Liscombe Lodge Marina. And let me tell you, our decision paid off big time. We stumbled upon an absolute gem – not only did we find a fantastic hiking trail, but we also got a bargain on anchorage at just 50 dollars, and it even came with a swimming pool and a jacuzzi! Yes, you heard that right – a yachtsman’s dream come true – the perfect combo of stretching our sea legs and steaming our bodies.

This delightful marina is nestled within Liscombe Lodge, which could be a bonus for those who fancy spending time in the lodge, grabbing a bite at the restaurant, or perhaps even renting a room. But as for us, we’re content with our trusty bed and breakfast right on our boat.

Now, let’s talk about that hiking trail. It meandered along the river, treating us to views of cascading waterfalls. We were forewarned that the trail might be a bit wet, so we wisely put on our yachting boots. As we approached the river, we were taken aback by the copious amount of white foam on the surface. However, it turned out that this frothy phenomenon was a result of organic matter being washed away from the local rocks, creating this mesmerizing foam as the water tumbled over the waterfalls.

After a 5-kilometer trek, we finally arrived at a suspension bridge that offered a breathtaking view of a magnificent waterfall, framed by rugged cliffs. And as if that wasn’t enough, we stumbled upon a salmon ladder, a specially carved path to help salmon on their way. Sure, the trail was a bit on the soggy side at times, with water occasionally creeping up almost to the tops of our boots, but the sights we beheld were worth every step and splash!

Docking near the Liskombe Lodge
Ukrainian flag at the entrance to the Lodge!
Warm jacuzzi with a pool – what else do you need?
Misty morning
CTD-cast in the morning
The surface of the Liskombe River full of unknown origins foam
Results of CTD-cast confirmed the high concentration of organic matter in the top 1m reaching 70ppb!
Renting kayaks/canoe on a shore
Wedding ceremony place – looks like the benches were taken from a church.
Trailhead of the Liskomb River trail -10km loop along the river
An adorable little guy found in the moss
Family of the Turkey Tail fungi
Family of hedgehog fungi
Yellow-throated wobbler
Forest creature
Relaxing moments
Witch circles on the water
Floating leaves
Here we are!
On the rocks
Between the rocks
Still and moving
Suspended bridge and waterfall
Two on the bridge
The suspended bridge from the waterfall
Salmon ladder from the top
Salmon ladder from the bottom
Another suspended bridge
Reflections on the white foam
Boggy path
Fall colours
White river
Cascades near the lodge
Low tide
Goodbye, Liscombe Lodge! Thanks for having us!