Mountain biking

Taking advantage of the long-awaited sunny day, we decided to bike through the nearby mountains, testing our folding bikes after the Montreal city trails in more difficult conditions. As a result, we overcame more than 20 km of unpaved mountain roads, admired the beautiful forest and giant windmills, and ate raspberries, wild cherries and blueberries. At the end of the bike trip, we visited the wreck site of the British frigate Penelope.

Let’s start!
Boardwalk’s biking along the Grand Cloridorme River
Rains flooded the road
…and even river-washed it!
Picking wild cherries
Wild cherries
Let’s go!

Try it!
Rest on the route
Red berries
Windfarm atop the mount
Resting gazebo on the lakeshore
Selfy on a serpentine road
Coming back to the sea
Reaching Pointe a la Frigate
Biking along the 132 highway
Place of the wreckage of frigate Penelope
Cannon from frigate Penelope
Resting boat
Beautiful rocks inspired Iryna
Selfy in a frame with Seaview

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