Gifts of Nature

The stormy night left its unwanted gift – the motorboat, which stood ahead of us on the dock, was submerged in the morning – heavy rain and wind did their job. By the end of the day, a team of local residents gathered to save the boat. It was an epic spectacle in which we were only spectators – not knowing the French language did not allow us to offer our help in a safe way. But the most fantastic event, Iryna says worth standing here for a week, happened in the bay during the day – the sky was filled with a vast flock of Northern Gannets and the noise of their screams woke up the sleeping after tempest night waters in the bay. Sudden flashes of spray on the water, accompanied by massive diving gannets – this was to be seen before you died! Looking at the photographs, one can trace the dynamics of the body of these birds when diving – how the wings modify the shape to the perfection of a spear penetrating the water! I hope that the photos were able to convey it – enjoy!

Sad morning
Hauling of a motorboat
Almost there!
Yes, they did it – look how happy boys!
Northern Gannets are coming!
Happy Gannets disappeared just after finishing their splashing feast

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