New York, New York!

And now, the day we’ve eagerly awaited has arrived! A beautiful morning with water as smooth as a mirror promised an excellent day for navigating the East River. Departure time from the marina was carefully planned, taking into account the tidal schedule and the corresponding direction and speed of the river current, which can reach up to 4 knots. After a brief stop for a CTD cast in the bay, we set our course towards the East River, extending from the Long Island Sound. The picturesque Throgs Neck Bridge provided a clear guide for our sailing route, and the nearby Stepping Stones Lighthouse served many years as a prominent signal for sailors. Here’s to good luck on completing this route and the anticipation of wonderful impressions as we pass by New York City!

We landed in Sheepshead Bay to meet with my friend and former colleague at the Marine Hydrophysical Institute, Alexander Alekseev, and his family – they live nearby. They visited our sailboat and we had a warm meeting at their home with a great home-cooked dinner and real Kyiv cake! How nice it is to be in a homely, friendly atmosphere after almost 5 months of sailing!

Here comes the sun!
Early birds
CTD cast in the Manhasset Bay
Plot of CTD data
The gate to East River appeared!
The Stepping Stones Lighthouse
Approaching Throgs Neck Bridge
Passing Throgs Neck Bridge
Bronx-Whitestone Bridge
Skyscrapers appear in the morning haze
Passing Bronx-Whitestone Bridge
Airplane is landing at LaGuardia Airport
Hell Gate Bridge
Making 10.2 knots in the Hells Gate (our 6.5+3.7 from the river)!
The Hells Gate is passed!
Blackwell Island Lighthouse
Roosevelt Island Bridge
UN building (on the left)
UN flag
Our project has an endorsement from the UN Decade of Ocean Science
We spotted the Ukrainian flag – thanks, NYC, for your support!
Fast NYC ferries make a great connection between East River shores
More bridges ahead!
Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge
Manhatten in a splash from our boat fighting standing waves
Brooklyn Bridge with Manhattan
A spot under the Brooklyn Bridge – we used to sit there
Tall ship Wavertree
Battery Maritime Building
Manhattan with the One World Trade Center
Approaching the Statue of Liberty
Selfie with Liberty
Fast Ferry run
Goodbye, New York!
Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge
Coney Island Lighthouse
Coney Island Beach
Former Parachute Jump Ride
Docked in the Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club
SV Oceanolog decorated with sponsors’ banners
Meeting with Alexeev’s Family

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  1. We saw via New York town cameras, how did you pass East River. Unfortunately the blog don’t gives the possibility to attach pictures or video but we save it.

    1. Thank you, Gennady! It’s cool to see our boat from the distance. Unfortunately, our contact page don’t provide attachments, but you can send them directly to igor at sailforscience dot com

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