Sandy New Jersey

Despite our desire to linger in New York for a couple of days, the following day, we resumed our journey, seeking refuge from the impending storm and escaping the encroaching winter. The morning in Sheepshead Bay was delightful—serene and sunny. A pair of swans graced us with their morning ritual, a charming display of affection. In this tranquil atmosphere, we departed from the yacht club, setting our course for New Jersey. Along the way, we made a stop near Brighton Beach to perform a CTD cast.

New Jersey welcomed us with an endless stretch of sandy beaches, densely adorned with summer cottages and vacation homes. As we strolled close to the shore, we observed life unfolding along the coastline—dog walkers enjoying playful moments with their pets near the water, parents playing with their children, and fishermen driving their cars right onto the beach to cast their fishing rods into the ocean. Construction equipment was busily at work, reshaping the sandy landscape. It felt like a real-life spectacle presented to us, with a surf strip separating us from the active participants. The show’s cast remained immersed in their everyday lives, while we sailed on toward new shores and fresh adventures!

Goodbye, New York!
CTD cast near Brighton Beach
Plot of CTD cast data