Wonderful Perce

 Perce is the gem of Gaspé, a must-see place before you die:) It’s a famous tourist destination, particularly well known for the attractions of Percé Rock and Bonaventure Island. UNESCO Global Geoparks accredited Percé Geopark in 2018. We had already been here during our road trip to Gaspe in 2011, but now we saw everything from the sea, having experienced its elements on our sailboat, which for the first time sailed in such fresh sea conditions.

Beautiful calm morning with Perce Rock coming up from the sea ahead
Fresh breeze
Cliffs and rocks
CTD cast before sea state becomes raff
CTD cast’s data plot
Approaching the Perce Rock
Passing the Perce Rock
Perce Village with the church
Heading to Bonaventure Island
Northern Gannets colony on the cliffs of Bonaventure Island
Wet start
Good bye, Percy Rock!
Cape Blanc Lighthouse
Pulling sails down with the sun
Docking in the Anse-a-Beaufils Harbour
Fancy neighbour
Calm evening in the harbour
Popular restaurant with live music
Covered bridge
View on the Oceanolog through the broken window
Bonaventure Island
Afterglow with the harbour’s view

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