Gaspe: Birthplace of Canada

A great time in Gaspe – immersing yourself in Canadian history, the origins of New France, and transforming into a popular fishing area. In 1534 Jacques Cartier found a safe harbor in Gaspé Bay and erected a cross, claiming the land for King Francis I of France. This marks the beginning of the French presence in North America. In 1934, the Canadian government commissioned the installation of a monolithic granite cross in Gaspé, for the 400th anniversary of the arrival of Jacques Cartier in Gaspé as of July 24, 1534. Once again, our folding bikes came in handy on a trip around the town and on a long journey to Sandy Beach by a beautiful bike path along the bay.

Leaving the marina in the cloudy morning
Birthplace of Canada
The map of St.Lawrence estuary c.1754
The Cross of Gaspe
General store
Welcome to the store, but I don’t speak English:(
Hardware catalogue c.1940!
Speed graphic!
Gaspesienne fishing boat’s model
Fishing gear
Boats and knots
Morse apparatus
Good talk about local life in the Taverne Baker
Bike pass along the river
Wooden sculptures along the bike pass
Monument to William Wakeham, the first fishing inspector in Gaspe
The old mansion once prepared for the Queen’s residence during her visit in 1959
View of Gaspe Cross and Marina
The only one in North America wooden Christ the King Cathedral 
Stained glass and painting of Jacques Cartier erecting a cross in Gaspe
Cathedral’s wooden vault
View on the Forillon Park
Colorful houses in downtown
Old brick house
In the gift shop
Walking in the downtown
Mariner’s House
Gaspe Bay
View on the marina with the just arrived tall ship “St.Lawrence II”
Packing the sails
Girls talk
Coming back on the boat
Le damme de Furllion
Jacques Cartier Monument
Smell the wild roses
Old railroad train to Montreal
Bike path
La sentier des Pionniers
Beautiful bikepath along the Gaspe bay
Biking shadows
Evening walk on the Sandy Beach
Salt marshes on the Sand Beach
Night lights of Gaspe
CTD cast in the Gaspe Marina – a quite healthy environment, taking into account that measurements were done near the service dock