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As is our tradition, we unfolded our trusty bikes and embarked on a sightseeing adventure. St. Peter’s stands as one of Nova Scotia’s time-honoured settlements, steeped in history. The Portuguese explorers were here back in the 1500s, affectionately naming it Sant-Pedro. Fast forward to the 1650s, and the French decided to set up shop nearby, christening it Saint-Pierre. This region, home to a traditional Mi’kmaq portage route bridging the Atlantic Ocean and Bras d’Or Lakes, witnessed the ebb and flow of a French trading post, a bustling settlement, and a British hilltop fort.

Our expedition took us to the renowned National Historic Site, St. Peter’s Canal, where the mighty Atlantic Ocean converges with the glistening Bras d’Or Lake. Soon, the lock gates of this historic waterway will swing open, granting us passage like a secret door to another world. And if that wasn’t enough, we also ventured into the enchanting Battery Park, where wooden pathways unveiled breathtaking ocean vistas and led us to the St. Peter’s Lighthouse. It was like discovering a hidden treasure trove of natural beauty and history.

Ready to bike!
Glory to Ukraine! Thank you, Canada, for your support!
St.Peter’s Canal
Entry to the Canal from the Bras d’Or Lake
Swinging bridge
StPeters Canal memorial plate
St.Peters Canal entry from the Atlantic Ocean
The lock’s unique double gates, designed to compensate for the tidal differences between the ocean and the lake, are the only ones of their kind in North America.
Floating waiting docks in the canal’s lock

Biking to the Canal ocean entry
Hiking in the Battery Park
Atlantic Ocean view
View on the St.Peter’s oceanfront
Jerome Point Lighthouse
We and the Ocean

“This spicy feather bed
The sea washed ashore
The sun evaporated the water –
It turned out well.
I came and took off my sneakers,
And covered back with a shirt,
And sang: “Pa-ra-ru-ra-ru!” —
It turned out well.”
Biking the shore trail
St.Peter’s Beach
Chicken God – if you find such a stone with a hole on the shore, then good luck will come!
We, bikes and the Ocean

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