Where the waters sleep…

Small fishing villages have always attracted us when travelling by car along the Atlantic coast of Canada. Their salty air, smelling of seaweed and fish, together with the scapes of fishing – trawlers unloading their catch or going fishing, traps and nets laid out along the piers create a unique atmosphere of life by the sea, not that glossy life of resort towns, but real hard-working life, and sometimes dangerous.
We have had the fortunate opportunity to observe this life for several days now, both in sunny, calm weather and in rainy and stormy weather, as today. Just yesterday, the pier was filled with children’s voices, a delight from the caught mackerel, the noise of a crane loading nets onto a neighbouring trawler, and loud conversations of the crew and fishermen at the pier … today everything is gone – only endless rain, chatter at the dock and rare visits of boat owners checking how well their boats are tight to the dock.

Finally, I found the translation of the word Cloridormе – this means “the basin where the waters sleep”. Yesterday I would have believed it, but not today – someone (….did we?) woke them up!
We are working on the boat (there is always something to do), waiting for a mechanic with a fixed starter and singing lullaby songs for the sea 🙂

A nice day in Cloridorme
Walking up the village
Ice-cream delight
Trumpet Weed
A bee
Hiking in the woods
Picking chanterelles
Cloridorme River
Traces of baroclinic tides (internal waves) on the surface
Old days boating
CTD cast in the harbour
Lobster traps
Fishing nets
A dinner with fried chanterelles and boiled new potatoes
Rainy night
Stormy morning
Surfing ducks
Today’s wind
CTD cast in the harbour at low tide
CTD cast in the harbour at high tide

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  1. Hi Igor i hope all is well, the town looks beautiful great pictures BTW
    quick question.
    maybe a quick explanation of what the data from the logger means and what your looking at or for, (you know) for the layman so to speak.
    you never know who will drop in on the page.
    anyway take car

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