Crooked Island: Pittstown

After leaving Clarence Town, we set a course for Pittstown, the northernmost point of Crooked Island. Despite what the names suggest, these places are actually small villages, each home to only about 50-100 people. Thankfully, these are still communities—far from the completely lifeless ghost towns that awaited us further along our journey.

After six hours of sailing, we arrived at our anchorage off Pittstown only to discover that half the houses were empty, abandoned in the aftermath of the 2015 hurricane. Among the buildings, only the new marina and a distant lighthouse caught our eyes.

The Bird Rock Lighthouse was both an architectural marvel and a poignant emblem of isolation. Built in 1876, the lighthouse featured a beautifully designed structure with a wide veranda supported by columns encircling its base. The tower itself rose from a mass of desolate rock that jutted abruptly from the Caribbean Sea, a crucial beacon for vessels navigating to and from the Bahama Islands.

There is a tragedy that happened on this lighthouse, you can read the full story here:

Sailing the ocean
Iryna is on the helm – so confident!
Clear waters of Crooked Island
Catch of the day
View on the Birds Rock Lighthouse from the shore
Close up on the Bird’s Rock Lighthouse
Ptitstown Marina
Renting houses in the marina
Oceanolog and Lighthouse in blue
Arrived by dighny through the raff seas
Technical building
Lighthouse keeper
Breaking waves
Lighthouses architecture marvel
Osprey built his nest atop the lighthouse
Doors after doors….
Main entrance
Another side of the veranda
Million dollars seaview
View from the base
Corroded stairs
Oil storage
Veranda with a sea view
Two on the Lighthouse
CTD cast with the Birds Rock Lighthouse on background
Ruskin plot of CTD cast data