Salto El Limón

Our hiking trip to the Dominican Republic’s most stunning waterfall, El Limon, towering at 53 meters high, was nothing short of an adventure. The lush wilderness surrounding the falls boasts a rich variety of native flora, from majestic royal palm trees to bountiful banana, avocado, cocoa, and coffee plants. The trail stretched approximately 3 kilometers, but the muddy and humid conditions made every step feel like a Herculean feat. Yet, despite the challenges, reaching our ultimate destination was an awe-inspiring moment—the breathtaking sight of the magnificent waterfall awaited us, making the journey well worth the effort.

Ocean vista
Trailhead looks good
Banana tree
Coffee tree
Royal palms
Muddy path to a hut
Abandoned hut
Cocoa tree
Leaves of breadfruit tree
Crossing the river
Challenging path
Brave boys!
Resting horses
Petting a small one
First fall in a cascade
Stairway to fall
Refrereshing spray
We and the waterfall
Another fall
Farmer’s house
A pasture atop the hill