Luperon serves as a hub and immigration checkpoint for all travelers entering the Dominican Republic from the north. Named after General Gregorio Luperon (1839-1897), the country’s 20th President, the town boasts a unique bay, regarded as the safest haven in the entire Caribbean during hurricanes. Its geographical layout, flanked by surrounding mountains, naturally steers hurricanes away, making it a sanctuary for hundreds of yachts during the storm season.

Our initial encounter with the Dominican immigration process felt reminiscent of the bureaucratic procedures of the Soviet Union era. Aside from civil authorities like the harbor captain, immigration officials, customs, and the Ministry of Agriculture, obtaining approval from the Armada (Dominican Navy) proved pivotal. All documents underwent thorough scrutiny, with mandatory yacht photographs required for submission. This marked our inaugural visit to the Armada, a ritual we repeated upon each port arrival and departure, as inclement weather sometimes hindered exit permits (Despacho). In the Dominican Republic, the Armada assumes the responsibility of sailor rescue operations, diligently mitigating risks associated with such endeavors.

Luperon has also become a haven for a community of retirees from the United States. Notably, the renowned sailor and author Bruce Van Sant calls this place home—many sailors rely on his expert guidance for navigating southbound passages.

Approaching anchorage in Luperon
Coming on shore for the immigration check-in
Main street
There are still some traces of poverty, but not much.
Motorbikes are main transportation there
Monument with Bird, where bird’s nest we’ve found
General Gregorio Luperón
Mural with Columbus ships.
Main square
Marina Puerto Blanco
View of Luperon harbor
Monument of marine aviation
Wood carvings on the Luperon’s shore
A farmer’s house on the shore
Farmland with an oceanview
Gots and cows on the shore pasture

Oceanolog is here!
Our friend salty dog followed us all the way around and afterward showed us his fazenda.
Traditional ceramic lantern
Evening CTD-cast
Plot of data of the evening CTD-cast

Morning CTD-cast
Plot of data of the morning CTD-cast
Leaving Luperon