Baddeck Bay

Before proceeding with our journey, we made a deliberate stop to explore Baddeck Bay, the very waters where Alexander Graham Bell constructed and conducted trials on his groundbreaking hydrofoil boats. We decided to anchor there for the night, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the historical significance of the area.

As morning dawned, we undertook a CTD cast. With this valuable data, we resumed our voyage, continuing our expedition along the scenic Lake Bras d’Or.

Goodbye, Baddeck!
Arriving at the anchorage in the Baddeck Bay, the Beinn Bhreagh harbour is ahead
Morning CTD-cast in the Baddeck Bay
Plot of CTD cast data -sell seen positive gradients in thermoclines and haloclines, which probably result of the night cooling. Also step-change observed in transmission Chl a and fDOM
Remains of Beinn Bhreagh Wharf and Boatyard
Beinn Bhreagh Boatyard, where HD-4 and other hydrodromes were built
Red Head and Beinn Bhreagh Hall -the original residence of Alexander Bell
Beinn Bhreagh Hall is a recognized heritage site. Alexander Bell was buried near his Big House. The estate is still owned by Bell’s descendants and they have maintained the home’s original design features. .
Goodbye, Beinn Bhreagh!

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