Kidston Island

Anchoring at a mooring buoy near Kidston Island made it possible to actively use our dinghy for trips to Baddeck and Kidston island. Some photos from our last day in Baddeck.

Old boathouse with Oceanolog
Old stone house
Cardinal directions
Moored near the Kidston Lighthouse with A.Bell’s Big House
Resting with the Bells
Alexander and Mabel Bell, sculptor Peter Bustin (2008)
Alexander Bell
Riding dighny with grocery
View of Water Street with sculpture of the Bells
View from our porthole
Calm harbour
CTD cast near the Kidston Island
CTD cast near the Kidston Island
Plot of CTD cast data
Arriving of dighny on the Kidston Island
Oceanolog and the Baddeck Public Wharf
Hiking trail on the Kidston Island
We and Oceanolog

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