Biking around Lunenburg

It’s time to unpack your folding bikes again and explore the surroundings of Lunenburg. We cycled along the western coast of the bay, admiring the city from the opposite shore. Along the way, we spotted the city’s oldest house (thanks to Yuri’s tip) and several other charming homes. Following that, we pedaled to Mason Beach and visited a mussel farm. It’s worth mentioning that Iryna worked at the Institute of Biology of the South Seas, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, in the Aquaculture department. She was keen on observing Canadian methods of mussel cultivation.

Bikes and banners with our sponsors
“Altestest Haus” ca.1760 – oldest house in Lunenburg
Sheriff’s House, ca.1806
Dr.Jacobs’ House, ca.1840
Anderson’s House, ca.1826
Temperance Fountain
Colors of Lunenburg
Saltbox brewery velo-bar
Our boat can be find
Winterized Bluenose II
Hello from Lunenburg!
The road to Mason Beach
The Corkum’s Mussel Farm
Mussel’s Cages
Nets for growing juvenile mussels
Floats with mussel cages
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