Busy cozy Lockeport

Rolling into Yarmouth, we made a pitstop at the delightful natural harbour of Lockeport, which sits on an island, connected to the mainland by a road. Picture this: a fishing village buzzing with anticipation as it readies for the upcoming lobster season, set to open its crustaceous curtains in just a couple of weeks. We couldn’t help but be amused by the spectacle of married couples meticulously accessorizing their boats with lobster cages, all while time played the role of a speedy sprinter.

In the midst of this pre-season hustle, we struck up a chat with a charming couple who generously shared the nitty-gritty details of the lobster-prep extravaganza. Time, it seemed, was in a frenzy, and business was kicking into high gear.

As we strolled through the village, a hidden gem revealed itself — a gorgeous sandy beach stretching for a couple of kilometres – it should be nice to relax here in the summer when the lobster season ends. Who knew lobster season prep could be such a seaside spectacle?

Heading to Lockeport
Lighthouse at the entry to Lockeport
Fishermen on the wharf preparing lobster cages
Yellow-crowned Night Heron
Carters Is. Lighthouse
CTD cast near Cranberry Is.
Plot of CTD cast data

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