Sculpture Garden

These places feel like serendipitous gifts, offering the joy of unexpected discoveries. Once again, after unfolding our bicycles, we decided to cycle to Liverpool and explore what it had to offer. As we approached Liverpool, we nearly passed by the Garden Center, a store that didn’t particularly pique our interest at the moment. However, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a peculiar group sculpture depicting people engaging with a raven. Intrigued, we left our bicycles and ventured to explore other sculptures amidst the dried flower pots.

While Garden Centers typically host various garden sculptures, what we encountered here was something entirely different — deeply personal and artistic. We then noticed the entrance to the Sculpture Garden, where a woman was busy clearing away old leaves. Upon inquiry about the creator and the timeline, she informed us that the owner of the center initiated this endeavor 15 years ago and continues to craft these sculptures. Little did we know what awaited us beyond the garden gates.

I won’t attempt to describe the sculptures; instead, I’ll convey my sheer delight and astonishment at what I witnessed. With an abundance of photographs capturing the essence, not everything can be showcased, and the three-dimensionality of the sculptures demands a unique presentation format. I believe I’ve managed to convey the expressionism of the sculptures and the originality of the cement-making technique.

Having strolled through the sculpture garden for over an hour (time seemed to slip away), we returned to the Garden Center, where we unexpectedly encountered the actual creator behind it all, standing behind the cash register. Ivan, Ivan Higgins — he introduced himself. Yes, it all started with garden pots, and then the idea struck: why not create sculptures for the garden? We had a delightful conversation and snapped a few photos together for memory and the blog. I hope you enjoy the pictures, or better yet, consider visiting in person.

Talking with the creator of Sculpture Garden Ivan Higgins
Thank you, Ivan!

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