Cap de la Madeleine

Leaving Saint-Maxime-du-Mont-Louis, we set sail for the next leg of our voyage, but due to the low wind we made adjustments. For the first time we rised the main sail and practiced tacking in the tidal current, observing the wildlife around us – gray seals, dolphins and the Northern gannets that began to appear. But most importantly, we were able to make an oceanographic section from 4 casts on the traverse of Cap de la Madeleine. Despite the rather strong drift of the CTD measuring system under the conditions of tidal currents, we reached a depth of 30-50 m, finding the depth of the thermo- and haloclines at a depth of 25 m.

In full sails for the first time !
Rare view of calm waters in the Gulf of St.Lawrence
Dolphines and church
Northern Gannet
Iryna trying a self-made Lazzy Jack
Doing oceanographic cross-section
Cap de la Madeleine Lighthouse
Silver reflections
50m CTD cast with well seen thermo- and haloclines.

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