Cape Lookout

Headlands with lighthouses have always fascinated us, and when we discovered that a brief detour along our route would grant us the chance to visit the uniquely adorned Cape Lookout Lighthouse, situated in a well-protected bay, we enthusiastically decided to dedicate the entire day there before Christmas. How else could one find peace and joy than by dropping anchor at the edge of the earth, beneath the rhythmic flashes of a beautiful lighthouse? Walking along endless sandy beaches, we observed the diverse animal world engrossed in their daily pursuits of obtaining their “daily bread,” or the catch of the day. Our old friends, the Northern Gannets, elegantly pierced the water’s surface with their dagger-like bodies. Pelicans skillfully caught fish with wide-open beaks, and dolphins orchestrated mesmerizing group performances, driving schools of fish in coordinated leaps. The sandy beaches showcased an array of shells, each boasting amazing colours and shapes. Dunes stood as silent guardians over this entire natural spectacle. And yes, we began to feel the warm breath of the Gulf Stream—for the first time, we opted to forgo the services of our diesel heater; 18 degrees Celsius was already warm enough for our evenings. It was an extraordinary day that gave us a joyful feeling of unity with the surrounding nature, offering peace and warmth on this radiant Holiday. Merry Christmas!

The Cape Lookout Lighthouse is most renowned for its distinctive black-and-white diamond pattern. Erected in 1859, this towering structure stands at 50 meters tall and boasts a visibility range of an impressive 19 miles.
CTD cast near Cape Lookout
A plot of CTD cast data

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