CTD survey of the Prince Edward Bay

Today we started our CTD measurements in Prince Edward Bay and made 4 casts from Morrison Point to Halfmoon Bay. The depths in this area were no more than 8m, therefore, with a sufficiently high wind speed during previous days, good mixing is observed throughout the depth. The temperature ranges from 22.3°C on the surface to 21.7°C at the bottom, there is no thermocline. The specific electrical conductivity practically does not change throughout the depth and is 304 uSm/ cm, there is a fairly low chlorophyll concentration (about 0.7 ug/L with a fairly good dissolved oxygen saturation (102%) and low turbidity (~1NTU) – all this indicates a good condition of the waters in the Prince Edward Bay.
For dinner, Frank introduced us to a new vegetarian dish – polenta. It was very tasty, thank you, Frank!

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