Foggy Havre-Aubert

The most interesting attraction in Havre-Aubert is without a doubt the Historical site of La Grave (from the French “grève”: pebbly and sandy terrain). This pebbly beach was a favourite spot for fishing and commerce and still retains its maritime flavour added with artisans’ shops and restaurants.
The weather on the day we were there was foggy, but that added to the charm of the place.

Ready for the walk
The Havre-Aubert marina
Historical site La Grave
Old and new
Maritime playground
Between the Bays
Highway 199 passing through La Grave
Foggy beach
Remains of a shipwreck
Wooden layers of the ship’s hull
Big old boat
Pebby beach
Foggy bay
Misty spider’s net
CTD cast in the Havre-Aubert marina
A plot of CTD cast data in the Havre-Aubert marina shows well-mixed water (due to stormy weather) with a quite healthy environment.

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