Helpful Cap-aux-Meules (so, we did it!)

Having enjoyed the misty charm of Havre-Aubert and having found out that there was no possibility of repairing a forestay’s halyard, the next day we decided to cross Baie de Plaisance and dock in the capital of the islands Cap-aux-Meules. We arrived at a wonderfully located marina and met the sympathetic marina manager Donald – he immediately took me to the marine supply store and we selected the wire we needed, then we crumped a loop on wire in a nearby workshop. Everything else fell on our shoulders. The most difficult thing was to insert and pass the wire through the mast, but here, too, one of the neighbouring sailors Andrew helped us by lending us his lead messenger. I climbed to the top of the mast a couple of times to pass the new wire into the mast, taking a bird’s eye view photo of the marina along the way. After disassembling the halyard winch we cleaned and lubricated it. Climbing the mast a couple more times (I love it!:), we finally assembled the winch, furling and halyard and set the jib. Done for the first time! Thanks, Donald and Andrew for your help!

Coming to the Cap-aux-Mulmarina
Fishing flotilla
Measure the wire
Reassembling the forestay’s winch
Top view
Up and down
CTD cast in the Cap-aux-Meules Marina
Plot of CTD cast data

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