Goodbye, Halifax!

It’s time to move on – goodbye, Halifax! Many thanks to our old friends Yuri and Lyuda, who made our stay here comfortable and entertaining. Thanks to Clark for the tours of BIO and Dalhousie University, and for participating in the handing over of the ARGO float for deployment. Thanks to Eric and Mat for the visits, good chats and practical advice. Thanks to Bob for his enthusiasm in fixing the engine and good chats. Thank you, Binnacle, for the good service and discounted prices. Thanks to the staff of the Armdale Yacht Club for their assistance during our stay. Thank you, Halifax!

With Eric Siegel and his boat Laridae (on the same name sailboat he crossed the Atlantic with his family in 2016)
In the AYC lounge
Bob points out the problem to fix
Shopping in the Binnacle – the great marine supply store!
Goodbye, Yuri!

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