From Northwest Arm to Northwest Cove

On our way to Lunenburg, we couldn’t resist revisiting an iconic Canadian landmark – Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse. Almost two decades had passed since our last visit during a road trip through Nova Scotia. As we approached, the lighthouse stood tall against the strong winds and crashing waves.

The ocean waves and currents slowed down the movement of our sailboat, and we decided to spend the night in Northwest Cove, where we sought shelter from the expected strong North-west wind. It was there, in Northwest Cove, that we marvelled at the picturesque fishing village under the soft, magical glow of the full moon and the promise of a new day with the bright light of the rising sun.

Approaching the Peggy’s Cove from the ocean
Rocky shore with a Peggy’s Cove village
Iconic Peggy’s Cove lighthouse with plenty of visitors around
Bearing the captain’s hat when passing this place!:)
Iryna at the helm
Approaching the Northwest Cove
A full moon rising from a cap
Moonlight fishing
Fishing boats
Hauled out dories
Private fishing wharves
Checking the sensors after the CTD cast
A plot of CTD cast data in the Northwest Cove – very clear water with a small halocline at 5m, good oxygen saturation (90-95)% , relatively low Chla concentration (2- 6)mg/L and fDOM concentration (4.1-4.5)ppb.

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