Great Bras d’Or Channel

After passing a swelling ocean, we finally reached the entrance to the Great Bras d’Or Channel, where calmer weather awaited us. We spent the first night just after the entrance in Kelly Cove, in a run-down public wharf whose only advantage was free docking. Having taken CTD cast in the morning, we set off on our further journey, raising the sails. Before reaching the Seal Bridge, we realized that our speed under sail was not enough to overcome the oncoming current. When I turned on the engine, we noticed that its power was barely enough to move at a speed of 2 knots. Ultimately, after passing a narrow Channel, we came to a North shore with white gypsum cliffs – here were the famous plaster mines, which supplied high-quality plaster for finishing houses in New York. Soon after passing the white rocks, the Red Head opened up, which is located on BEINN BHREAGH (in Gaelic “beautiful mountain“), the famous estate of Alexander Graham Bell. After this cape, a lighthouse appeared, marking the entrance to the port of our destination Baddeck, where we would wait out Hurricane Lee.

Bird Islands ahead
Bird Islands with a bird
Entrance to the Great Bras d’Or Channel
Lighthouse at the entry to the Channel
The navigation buoy leaned under force of current
Kelly Cove old abandoned lighthouse
Docking in the Kelly Cove public wharf
Doing CTD cast in the Kelly Cove
A plot of CTD cast data with well-seen large halocline and much less thermocline at 4.5m, resulted from limits of exchange of water during tides/waves. It’s also presented by steps in the oxygen concentration, light transmission and organic matter (fDOM).
Leaving Kelly Cove – fenders up!
Coming to the Seals Bridge
Good fit to my cap
Lines and curves
Passing the bridge clearance
Man of War Point Lighthouse
Smooth sailing in the calm day
Fancy mimic lighthouse
Gypsum rocks
White-red shoreline
Fallen white gypsum rocks
White rocks and trunks
Spectacular formations
Forest’s Guard
Cains Mountain
Red Head
Behind trees Alexander Bell’s Beinn Bhreagh Hall (The Big House)
Kidston Island
Kidston Island Lighthouse at entry to the Baddeck Harbour.
Kidston Island Lighthouse from the shore
Baddeck Harbor anchorage
Docking in the public wharf with the sponsors’ banners show-ups

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