Bad docking in Baddeck

We spent the rest of our day in Baddeck, strolling around the town and visiting the theatre, located in a former Masonic lodge. The play was called “The Hydrofoil Mystery,” and it revolved around (you guessed it!) Alexander Graham Bell and his attempt to conquer the high seas with a hydrofoil hydroplane during the First World War. The production was so good that even the seagulls took a break from their squawking to watch. We highly recommend it, especially if you’re a fan of Canadiana with a splash of drama.

The night turned into a hilarious game of bumper boats as we predictably bumped into the dock repeatedly. It was like a nautical version of a ping-pong! In the morning, we decided it was time to give the dock a break and moved our sailboat to the opposite side of the dock, where it was sheltered from the wind. I also performed a CTD-cast, which is basically a deep-sea dance move, and we finally treated ourselves to a much-needed shower (trust me, our fellow sailors appreciated it) and washed our clothes. Who knew that laundry could be an adventure at sea?

After a hearty lunch, the weather forecast delivered the news that standing at the dock would be about as wise as trying to juggle jellyfish. So, with a sense of adventure and a touch of panic, we decided to set sail and move across the harbour to a mooring buoy near the lighthouse, where we’d be protected from the southern winds. Arriving in the evening, we prepared dinner and celebrated the second month of our journey. It’s amazing how long two months can feel when you’re navigating the high seas, but every day brings new surprises – like discovering that we’re actually quite talented at unintentional dock ping-pong!

Near Victoria County government office
St.Michael Catholic Church
Another church
The Monument, commemorating the First Aeroplane Flight in the British Empire in 1909
Maritime gifts
Greenwood United Church
Baddeck Theatre (ex Masonic Lodge)
The Hydrofoil Mystery
Alexander and Mabel Bells
Pirates of the Caribbean are waiting for us
CTD cast in the Baddeck Publick Wharf
The plot of CTD cast data shows the halocline advancing thermocline at 4.5m with increasing of oxygen concentration with depth and decreasing of transparency and fDOM
We and the lighthouse
Alexander Bell’s Museum
Moored near the Lighthouse. A stormy night ahead….

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