ICW: Great Bridge-Coinjock

The journey from Great Bridge to Coinjok stands out for its pristine landscapes along the canal banks, offering an unparalleled abundance of bald eagles. Much of the route unfolded in the open, providing a perfect opportunity for sailing. However, the serenity was interrupted just a mile before reaching the marina when we ran aground, once again within the navigation channel. Grateful for our BoatUS membership, we promptly called for a towing boat, and within an hour, a 78-year-old captain skillfully maneuvered to our rescue. With a deft throw of a thick towing rope, he pulled us out of the shallows.

As the towing boat left us, the cruise boat Roaming Dream, an old friend, caught up with us. Captain Topher, from the wheelhouse, inquired about our well-being. Docking at the Coinjock Marina, we enjoyed dinner together at its restaurant, which boasted an excellent selection of seafood. The next morning, after conducting CTD cast, we resumed our journey along the canal.

Leaving Great Bridge
Motoring on the canal
Gliding bold eagles
A bold eagle
Sailing with a jib in an open waters canal
Grounded tree
CTD cast from the grounded Oceanolog – making the most of our time while awaiting the towing boat!
Plot of CTD cast data
The towing boat is coming
Securing a towline
Oceanolog being towed out of grounding.
Meeting with Roaming Dreams!
Arriving at the Coinjock Marina
Starlings are warming atop the mast in the morning sun
CTD cast at the Coinjock Marina
Plot of CTD cast data
Goodbye, Roaming Dreams, hope to see you again!
Cast off!
Goodbye, Coinjock Marina!

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