After another 47-mile passage under the foresail from Matane, we anchored at the Sainte-Anne-des-Monts village. One of the advantages of this place is the possibility of hiking in the nearby mountains, which we took advantage of by following the route along the river to the top of the hill, where a beautiful view of the village and the bay opened up. Also in the village, there are many wooden driftwood sculptures, artisan shops and beautiful beaches. Now we’re standing here, waiting out the stormy weather and working on the boat.

Matane Lighthouse
Approaching Cap-Chat’s windmills
Built in the mid-1980s, Éole is the tallest vertical-axis wind turbine in the world. Shut down in 1993, it no longer produces electricity and is accessible to tourists – we’ve been atop the turbine during our Gaspe trip.
Cap-Chat Lighthouse
Our anchorage spot in the Sainte-Anne-des-Monts
We all live in the Yellow Submarine!
Giant mackerel – the catch of the day in the village
Some of the driftwood sculptures
Entry to an Artisan shop
Narwal and Oceanolog
Boardwalk along the shore
Saint-Anne River
Hiking in the woods
The river is a place of salmon run, during the season which would be a spectacular event.
Watching for salmon on a bridge – too early!
Indian Pipes
View from the top of the hill – our boat just behind the church (seen only a top of the mast!)

Anchored under the anchor

Ready for CTD cast
CTD cast at anchorage during low tide
CTD cast at anchorage during high tide

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  1. Wow. The low and high tides: the most drastic changes are in DO and T profiles.
    DO must have to do with the time of the day at which low tides occur. The photosynthetic oxygen production depends on light.

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