Tropical Storm Lee

The first night after Tropical Storm Lee made landfall in Nova Scotia was filled with a sense of apprehension, expecting the worst. Fortunately, we made the wise decision to leave the dock and seek refuge at the mooring buoy. The wind shifted from SE to SW as the boat began to sway with the wind and jostle on the waves. Strong gusts of wind rattled and groaned through the rigging.

The remaining impact of the storm was manageable; nothing was seriously damaged, just a few bolts had come loose, and our bimini’s clear film was slightly torn. I took care of tightening the bolts, while Iryna skillfully repaired the torn screen. Both of us emerged from this storm with a mild sense of trepidation, but ultimately unharmed. 🙂

SW wind with waves coming to the harbour
Stormy Bras d’Or Lake behind the Kidston Island, we are in a safe zone
Signs of coming better weather
Fixing the impact of the storm.

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