Heading to New York!

Our journey through the Long Island Sound led us to the most exclusive approach to New York—by the East River. The route along Long Island Sound comprised several day crossings with overnight stops in marinas. Our preference was for the Safe Harbor network of marinas, which continued operations even at this late time, distinguished by well-maintained docks and excellent service. Additionally, many marina managers generously offered us complimentary berths as part of our sponsorship, reflecting their alignment with the Sail for Science initiative.

The actual progression of the route was subject to the whims of wind and waves, but the final two days evolved into a true sailing delight! Although we didn’t encounter other yachts on our journey, the enthusiastic greetings from motorboats, supporting us and wishing us a warm and safe voyage, added a sense of camaraderie. Finally, on the fourth day of sailing along the sound, the distant contours of New York emerged, akin to a Fata Morgana rising from the depths of the sea. Our destination is now within reach!

Leaving New London
Heading to the next sailing adventure!
New London Harbour Lighthouse
New London Ledge Lighthouse
Meeting Mike and his friend at sea, after he came to our boat in a marina and gave us useful advice on how to navigate the East River
Docking at the Safe Harbor Bruce and Johnsons Marina
CTD cast with sunrise
Plot of CTD cast data
Goodbye, Safe Harbor Bruce and Johnsons Marina, Thank you, Steve!
Summer cottages along the shore
Sail away!