Barnegat Light

During our journeys, we make it a point to visit and appreciate all the lighthouses, considering them among the most beautiful man-made creations on the coast. Their exceptional importance for navigation safety elevates their beauty to the same level as their utility. Sadly, the advancement of navigation technologies has not been favourable to lighthouses, and we’ve encountered many closed lighthouses, sometimes replaced by simple automatic beacons. However, the sight of lighthouses’ beams, especially when sailing at night, winking along the coast, is always unforgettable. It instills a sense of faith that the land is nearby, and you can rely on their light if modern technology fails.

Our choice for the next marina was significantly influenced by its name – Lighthouse Marina (and it happened to be the only available option:). The marina is located in the village of Barnegat Light, home to one of the largest lighthouses in the United States – Barnegat Lighthouse. Built in 1857, the lighthouse stands at a height of 50 meters, making it visible from a distance of 22 miles.

Arriving at Barnegat Light after dark, we sailed the last hour of our journey toward the bright light of the lighthouse, which emitted a brilliant white flash every 10 seconds. Navigating by this light was surprisingly easier than relying on a chartplotter or even a compass. Safely passing the inlet in the dark (thanks also to navigation buoys and the chart plotter), we moored in the deep part of the marina, almost beneath the lighthouse. We spent the next two days here, patiently waiting out the storm.

The fishermen’s story – dedicated to those commercial fishermen, whose love of the sea outweighed the perils of their profession
As we approached the lighthouse, a sense of déjà vu washed over me, and it dawned on me that we had been here once before during our road trip back in 2018.
216 steps to the top
The view of Barnegat Light village
Our boat from the lighthouse’s top
Watching window
Passing turbulent waters of the Barnegat Inlet
Pass to the beach
Steps on the beach
Barnegat Light Borough Hall – municipality office
Monument to fishermen
We stumbled upon a plethora of adorned seashells around the monument, sparking our curiosity about the local traditions or customs associated with this unique display.
A mini-golf with a shipwreck
Copy and original
A license plate with the Barnegat Lighthouse
Interesting place – Viking village with some historical fishery approach, but closed for the season.
Fishery wharf
Sunrise in the marina
Morning sunlight
CTD cast in the marina
A plot of CTD cast data
Goodbye, Barnegat Lighthouse