ICW: South Carolina

Motor-sailing the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) in South Carolina provides a snapshot of the full spectrum of life along the banks of this expansive canal. Residential communities flank the canal, boasting equipped docks of varying architectural styles and financial capabilities. However, the obligatory motorboats dominated the scene, with only a couple of sailboats lifted on dock elevators during our journey. The spaces between settlements teem with wildlife—birds, dolphins, and, yes, predatory alligators always hiding from us… but it turned out that the biggest danger is hidden in shallow waters. Sandbanks, deviously formed at the confluence of rivers, awaited us—and others—treacherously at the bends. Many places were navigable only during high tides, yet our daily route schedule included high and low tides, necessitating calculated risks. Once again, our heartfelt gratitude goes to TowBoatUS for liberating us from the clutches of shallow waters. This time, the tow boat came to the rescue, saving our vessel and a fellow mariner stranded on a motor boat in the same predicament with 4 feet depth.

Our Intracoastal Waterway journey continues!

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