Passing the Iroquois Lock

CTD survey near the Iroquois Lock during the waiting time

The passage of locks on the St. Lawrence River is quite difficult in logistics. Mandatory pre-registration with the correct time of lockage of small vessels unknown until the last day, prepayment of lockage (25 dollars), poor communication with the operation of the locks and the lack of docks for overnight stay before the morning lockage – all this introduces some confusion in the planning of passage through them. And the most unexpected thing is that after all the ordeal, you will find out that in fact there is no level drop, and the lock is actually a double gates, which can only be passed through if all the requirements are met, at least that was the case with us – before one gate closed others began to open and we alone non-stop passed through the inner basin of the lock.

Passing through the Iroquois Lock
Ruskin plot of physical-chemical parameters near Iroquois Lock

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