The gates to the Ocean

Well, the time has come to leave such a different and such beautiful lake Bras d’Or – now our path lay through the St. Peter’s Canal, which we had already explored from land.

The last sunrise in St.Peter’s marina
CTD cast in marina
Plot of CTD-cast data – – well-formed thermocline at 2.5m with cooled by cold air surface 0.5m layer. Very clean water with well-saturated oxygen. High concentration of Chla explains good oxygenation of the basin of marina, High concentrations of fDOM mirrored the temperature plot, so, it could be evidence of an oil spill in marina.
Goodbye, St.Peter’s Marina!
Approaching St.Peter’s Chanal
The bridge is swinged
Operators at duty – the bridge is swung for us!
Motoring the Canal
Docking in the Lock
Conversation with the Lockmaster
The gates are open!
Passing the Lock
Exit from the Canal.
Goodbye, St.Peter’s!
Fenders Up!
Hello, Atlantic Ocean!

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