Strategic Port La Tour

Before tackling the aquatic rollercoaster around Cape Sable, the southern tip of Nova Scotia, we made a strategic pitstop at Port La Tour, just shy of the cape. Why, you ask? Well, let me spill the tidal beans. Cape Sable dances with some serious tidal forces, thanks to the dramatic ebb and flow from the Bay of Fundy – home to the highest in the world tides, reaching a towering 18 meters.

In this watery ballet around Cape Sable, currents can go a bit haywire, swirling in multiple directions at speeds up to 3 knots. Imagine trying to waltz your way through a counter-current phase – not the smoothest dance move. So, what’s the savvy sailor’s strategy? Wait for the passing current, hitch a ride, and enjoy an extra boost of 3 knots. Smart, right?

So, there we were, making a turn into Upper Port La Tour – a pint-sized fishing haven shielded by sturdy breakwaters. It was fashionably late, and the only soul we encountered was a passing cyclist, probably wondering why anyone would anchor at that hour.

With a tight schedule dictated by the currents, our wake-up call was set for a jaw-dropping 3am. Under the cloak of darkness, we’d bid adieu to the harbour, riding the current at speeds hitting a whopping 10 knots. Night sailing, anyone?

Cape Roseway Lighthouse
Canadian Coast Guard Radar (ex NOMAD Radar) at Baccaro Point
Cape Negro Island Lighthouse
The Salvages Lighthouse
Docking at low tide
Sunrise – the Cape Sable Lighthouse sent us a goodbye flash
Sunrise in the Ocean
Frosty morning
Morning coffee
Peases Island Lighthouse
Candlebox Island Lighthouse
Moving between islands
Cape Forchu Lighthouse
Bunker Island Lighthouse at the entry to the Yarmouth Harbour