Yarmouth – On the Edge of Everywhere

Yarmouth, nestled on the southern edge of Nova Scotia, is practically the gateway to the world’s largest lobster ground. I’ve scoured every nook and cranny of Nova Scotia, and nowhere else have I witnessed such a lobster trap extravaganza. It’s like the lobster capital of the universe.

We sailed into the marina fashionably late, arriving after the sailing season had gracefully bowed out. But don’t let that fool you – the port was bustling with energy, thanks to the upcoming lobster season. The town was taking a post-season breather when museums and information centers decided to play hide-and-seek until the next season. The streets wore a deserted look, the trees had shed their leaves, creating the perfect backdrop to appreciate the town’s unique architecture.

Approaching Yarmouth
Fishing vessels
Yarmouth Marina is out of service for the season
Replica of 1084lb Mako Shark, caught by local fisherman in 2004
Fishing gear in Yarmouth port
Lobster Cages ready to load
Lobster Cage DIY
Holy Trinity Anglican Church
East coast lifestyle
Waterfront at low tide
Colours of Yarmouth
Low tide
Leaving Yarmouth marina with docked SV”Black Dragon” – the second Mike’s attempt to reach Cape Cod ended in Yarmuth – broken engine and rudder.
Goodbye, Yarmouth!
Passing the last Canadian Cape Forchu Lighthouse
Goodbye. Nova Scotia, goodbye, Canada!
100miles of night motor-sailing to the USA shores
New moon, new adventures ahead!