Thanks to Lunenburg!

Our forced stay in Lunenburg brings new meetings and discoveries every day. We are glad that our project is supported both by many organizations in the town and in personal contact with town residents and sailors. We are grateful to the corporation Build New Scotia for providing free docking in the Zwicker Wharf Marina, thanks to Marina Operator Ian for taking care of us and for assistance in sponsorship for our project. Thanks to the President of Adams and Knickle Ltd Jane Ritcey for providing Wi-Fi and refreshments, Greg Trowser from Luna Sea Solutions for warm conversations about our project and Walter Flower for finding a diesel heater for us.
Thanks to Mike (Black Dragon) for the pleasant time spent together and interest in our project and thanks to Colin (Fruition) for his keen interest in our project, I hope that he will be able to find for his yacht a CTD measuring system. Thanks to mechanic Louis for his dedication to fixing our engine, I hope we don’t have any more problems. Thanks to Mike from Ironbound Rigging for advice on rigging and donated steel wire. Thanks to Kathleen from Ocean Gear for helping to purchase an exhaust pipe for the diesel heater. Thank you, Lunenburg, for warmly welcoming us these 12 days!

It’s time to leave the Town of Lunenburg – a World Heritage Site
A nice day in Lunenburg
Docking in the Zwicker Wharf
With Ian – operator of Zwickers Wharf Marina
Demonstrating CTD measuring system to Ian
SV “Fruition”
SV “Black Dragon” with Mike at helm
With Louis talking about how to fix the engine
Louis dives into the engine room
CTD cast at Zwicker Wharf
The plot of CTD-cast data shows an almost uniform temperature profile with a sharp halocline at 1m. Oxygen saturation (85-95)%, which is normal, and the concentration of Chlorophyll a (14-24)mg/L is above normal, the transmission of water is good (0.003m-1) and fDOM shows a slight increase in the concentration of organic matter after 2m, which is a possible result of dying increased phytoplankton.
Water reflections in the Lunenburg harbour
Cast off!
Goodbye, Lunenburg!
Leaving the Lunenburg Harbour
Iryna’s fenders tightening work, be ready to sail
Sailing to Liverpool Bay