C’est la vie

Billings Diesel Marina, our port of call, graces a quaint Moose Island tethered to the expansive Deer Island by a connecting road. A stroll along the shores of this petite island never fails to deliver the delight of small discoveries, each step forging a unique path until the circle is complete. During low tide, the shoreline becomes a haven for observing the intertidal zone’s vibrant life — seaweed forming intricate patterns on the stones, boulders adorned with sea-beards, clusters of mussels both below and above the waterline, and seabirds deftly hunting for food amid the exposed rocks. Every element speaks of the dynamic timeline of life in the tidal zone, a stage filled with both successful pursuits and daring escapes – c’est la vie.

We left Billing Diesel – the best thing they did was change the filters and left for the 4 days Thanksgiving holiday, promising to continue on Monday. We’ve escaped…

An old schooner in repair
A fish pond between Moose and Deer Islands
Mark Island’s Lighthouse
CTD cast near Mark Island
Plot of CTD cast data – well-mixed with tidal currents waters with low transparency (0.015m-1), low Chla and fDOM concentrations (5ug/L and 5.4ppb). Oxygen saturation is normal (92%)