Raised Portland

Ah, Portland, the port that we gracefully glided into, not by choice, but thanks to the dramatic emergence of a net playing screwy games near Monhegan Island. Known for its marine industry, love for the arts, and 19th-century architecture, our unexpected rendezvous with this city turned into a delightful chapter filled with pleasant encounters—both with charming locals and the city’s architectural charisma. The city seal depicts a phoenix rising from ashes, a reference to recovery from four devastating fires, and its motto: Resurgam (I will rise again!). And so do we!

Our trusty anchor found its haven at DiMillo’s Marina, nestled in the beating heart of the city. Picture this: brick houses, inviting sidewalks, piers adorned with boats, and a symphony of portside restaurants and souvenir shops—all within arm’s reach. Yet, the true star of our stay wasn’t just the picturesque surroundings but the warm embrace of Bill Zelman, our dockside comrade preparing his yacht for winter hibernation. Throughout our time there, Bill showered us with attention and invaluable yachting wisdom. Kudos, Bill!

Our city explorations, whether on foot or two wheels, unfurled new treasures at every turn—a boatyard boasting majestic schooners, a marine research center where we nerded out and had a blast chatting with staff teaching ocean science to eager schoolchildren. Oh, and did I mention stumbling upon a city theatre hosting the Ukrainian sensation Dakhabrakha? Of course, we couldn’t resist the siren call of their performance. They are just Great!

Now, let’s talk DiMillo’s Marina. In my humble opinion, it’s a gem among marinas—friendly vibes, spotlessly clean, and equipped with all the bells and whistles. Leaving Portland felt like bidding adieu to a newfound love; we might have left, but a piece of our hearts decided to stay behind. Until next time, Portland!

Docked at De Millo’s Marina
Ships in the Long Wharf
Downtown’s narrow streets
Fishermen’s Christmas Tree
DakhaBrakha is here!
Monument to honour a Lobsterman
Christmas Lights
A full moon from the dock – bikes have some rest too.
Moon and lines
Entry to the Gulf of Maine Research Institute
Talking with GMRI staff
Blue lobster!
Portland harbour
Portland waterfront -try to find our boat!
Schooners are preparing for winter
Schooner “Columbia” – replica of the original famous American schooner
Restoration in progress of schooner “Timberwind”
DakhaBrakha on the stage of Portland Theatre
A clear statement!
Bricks everywhere!
Di Millo’s Marina with the ex-ferry rebuilt popular restaurant
Leaving Portland
CTD cast in the Portland Harbour
Plot of CTD cast data